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An extremely rare honey variety which is given to us as a blissful blessing by Mother Nature!

Bee Naturalles’ singular organic forest honey 'blue thistle & fir' is collected from the alpine valleys of Mt. Oeta & Vardousia. It's the sacred marriage of King Fir & Princess 'Galazoula' (Hellenic endemic blue thistle, in Greek).

It's an exquisite honey due to the fact that blue thistle grows deep into gorges & impassable mountain-lands, & demands specific conditions in order to deliver its precious nectar. The combination with the fir tree honeydew that lives at the virgin subalpine fir woodlands, far away from any human activity, gives this eclectic honey depth in taste, surpassing texture & heavenly aromas.

It's being characterized as a highly nutritive honey that provides a plethora of beneficial properties. Rich in micronutrients, singular organoleptic properties and enzymes with maximum antioxidant activity.

When tasting this marvel. you just don't eat it... You participate in a transcendental experience & you are being transformed into a honey bee, visiting these incomparable landscapes!

A spoonful of excellent, full & smooth butterscotch consistency in the mouth, a sensational honey that you get stuck to it from the very first sight!

Awarded as an Olympic champion at Biolmiel, the awards for the best organic honeys in the world.



Judges' quotes | Great Taste Awards 

"This thick caramel coloured honey has indeed got a black caramel intensity, with a maple syrup quality in the taste, leaving a fresh, vivid and clean rich aftertaste! A unique flavour profile and a truly delightful honey."

BioMiel 2020 Gold GT 19 1 star trans BioMiel 2019 Gold BioMiel 2018 Gold GT 17 1 star trans GT producer trans
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Bee Naturalles participates in the “Identification of Greek Pollen & Royal Jelly” Project [Council Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2007] of the Beekeeping Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Bee Naturalles’ organic apiculture products excel in quality & taste & have been awarded (counting 30 awards!) by the Great Taste Awards, having been rated as a 3-star winner, the highest accolade in Great Taste 2020 for Bee Naturalles ORGANIC WILD HONEY. Bee Naturalles’ organic bee products have been highly honoured as top worldwide organic honeys by Biolmiel (top 3 among the Gold Medal awarded certified organic honeys), Gourmet Exhibition (Specialist Awards 1st Platinum & 1st Golden Prize), Le Monde (Greece) & the Museum of Greek Gastronomy. In 2022, Bee Naturalles had been honoured by the renowned gastronomical culture magazine “Gastronomos” & the its supreme “Gastronomos | Quality Awards”.

A generous natural gift from the breathtaking alpine Mt. Oeta & Vardousia with the rare combination & supreme aromas of the blue thistle & the butterscotch robust king fir!
Unprocessed, totally organic, 100% natural!


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