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Bee Naturalles' pollen is certified organic, Greek and polyfloral (of various botanical) origin. It is considered an ideal food for humans due to its high content of proteins, vitamins, trace elements, micronutrients and enzymes.

A rare polyfloral pollen for demanding consumers and palates!

Our honey bees feast on the wild bee flora, getting all the awesome nutrients for their health and growth from the colorful bounty that nature generously provides through wild herbs and spring flowers!

The polyfloral spring pollen is a miracle of nature that we collect from Evia Island and the Central and Western regions of Greece, constituting a complete nutritional "bomb", rich in amino acids and a unique combination of micronutrients that boosts body and soul up!

It is characterized by a beautiful spring colorful palette and a special sweet taste followed by extremely rare aromas and herbal aftertastes!

Use & Tips

35g (1 tbsp) cover the daily human nutritional requirements for proteins, vitamins and micronutrients. Bee pollen can be consumed directly or after it has been dissolved in a spoonful of honey or a glass of water/fresh juice.

Should not be given to infants under 1 year old.

In special cases of illness, the advice of a doctor is recommended.



1st PLATINUM AWARD with a score of 99.8/100 from the Specialits Awards 2021 for the "SPECIAL NUTRITION PRODUCT".

Judges' comment:
"Exceptional! Unique! Congratulations. Perfect product ready to conquer the markets of the world!”

Judges' quotes | Great Taste Awards

"A stunning colourful mix of nature. Little balls of velvet, that pop honey in your mouth, and have a flavour of nectar. The balls dissolve charmingly on the tongue and the colours - amber, gold and 'lentil green' - are absolutely stunning! There is a fragrant, fairly powerful honey sweetness. Hugely floral flavour, "like licking a flower" one judge said, "now I know what it's like to be a bee". Fascinating ingredient. Gentle sweetness with a beautiful fresh clarity. Delightful!"

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Certified Greek organic bee pollen of varied botanical origin.

Bee Naturalles participates in the “Identification of Greek Pollen & Royal Jelly” Project [Council Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2007] of the Beekeeping Laboratory, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Bee Naturalles’ organic apiculture products excel in quality & taste & have been awarded (counting 30 awards!) by the Great Taste Awards, having been rated as a 3-star winner, the highest accolade in Great Taste 2020 for Bee Naturalles ORGANIC WILD HONEY. Bee Naturalles’ organic bee products have been highly honoured as top worldwide organic honeys by Biolmiel (top 3 among the Gold Medal awarded certified organic honeys), Gourmet Exhibition (Specialist Awards 1st Platinum & 1st Golden Prize), Le Monde (Greece) & the Museum of Greek Gastronomy. In 2022, Bee Naturalles had been honoured by the renowned gastronomical culture magazine “Gastronomos” & the its supreme “Gastronomos | Quality Awards”.

A totally pure & natural wealth of nutrients within a single spoonful!
Unprocessed, totally organic, 100% natural!


Bee pollen has been extensively studied for years by the scientific community for its unique beneficial properties. It is no coincidence that it has been given the nickname "almost ideal food" as it is one of the richest foods in proteins, vitamins, essential amino acids, hormones, enzymes, coenzymes and minerals. Scientific research has shown that pollen is 5 to 7 times richer in amino acids than foods known for their nutritional value (such as meat, eggs and cheese).

Regular consumption of pollen helps in the absorption of nutrients from the digestive system, in the fight against intestinal problems, in the proper regulation of the metabolism, in the calming of the nervous system as well as in the improvement of the quality of the skin and hair and in the stimulation of the erotic mood. According to research, pollen also helps prevent heart attacks and strokes as well as menopausal or prostate problems and is highly recommended for people over the age of 40.

Bee pollen differs from anemophilous pollen, which is attributed to various forms of allergies and does not include the wonderful properties of insectophilus, i.e. that collected by bees.

It is distinguished in different qualities depending on its origin and composition. Polyanthus pollen is considered to be superior in quality compared to monoanthropic pollen, and is characterized by the polychrome of its pollen grains. In addition, Greek polyethene pollen is of exceptional quality, due to the rich biodiversity of Greek nature, with a plethora of excellent flowering and beneficial herbs and flowers, and excels in properties compared to dried pollen.

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